Modular systems:

  1. ARCO Interio will honour Lifetime service warranty equivalent to 10 Year Warranty on modular kitchens, wardrobes, storage and semi-modular kitchens only when : –
  • The product supplied and installed is properly maintained and used for normal domestic use.
  • The product is still owned by the original purchaser.
  • The product is still at its original installed position and location.
  • The warranty has not expired, subject to limitations set forth through ARCO Interio terms & conditions.
  1. ARCO Interio warranty does not include:-
  • Any labour, installation or transportation costs or any responsibility for damage that ARCO Interio considers as natural wear and tear of finishes and surfaces.
  • Any products used or installed in conjugation with ARCO Interio kitchen/ wardrobe/ modular storage such as electrical & plumbing fixtures, countertops and appliances. Any use of ARCO Interio cabinetry or component parts which are contrary to instructions furnished by ARCO Interio will void this warranty.
  • Any cabinetry or component parts that ARCO Interio considers to have been subject to alteration, modification, accident, abnormal use, extreme temperatures and continuous contact with water, high moisture levels or use of harsh and/or abrasive cleaning chemicals.
  • Normal incidental deterioration like nicks, cuts, scratches and abrasions which are resulting from normal use during the standard life of the product.
  1. ARCO Interio will not be held responsible for any claims arising out of defects due to material or workmanship of products not listed under claim terms.
  2. ARCO Interio warranty does not cover natural wear and tear or damage caused by rough handling or using the product beyond its intended use.
  3. ARCO Interio reserves the right to alter specifications in keeping with its policy of continuous product evaluation and improvement.
  4. The scope of ARCO Interio warranty cannot be changed or broadened by any authorized representative of ARCO Interio.
  5. Notify ARCO Interio via phone or email within 10 days of any defect that comes to notice, such as visual damage or malfunctioning component. Notification post the stipulated time, will void the ARCO Interio warranty.
  6. Any decision regarding repair of the said component (in part or whole) solely lies with the authorized ARCO Interio representative. The decision will be made following an inspection by the representative whether to repair at site, or return product to the factory for refurbishing. If return then freight cost will be charged extra to the customer.
  7. The warranty is not renewed in cases where the ARCO Interio modular cabinets or components are repaired in part or whole during the said warranty period. The repaired parts will continue to be covered under our warranty only till the remainder of the period as indicated in its respective table. Barring components which carry a lifetime warranty, the warranty for any product under any circumstances will not exceed a period of 15 years (for modular wardrobes & storage) and 15 years (for kitchens) from the date of possession.


  1. This warranty is applicable on all furniture manufactured by ARCO Interio Interior.
  2. Warranty excludes upholstery, normal wear and tear, softening or flattening of cushions, colour fading from sunlight, damage caused by rough handling and use of abrasives, corrosive materials, cleaning agents, or inappropriate use and maintenance.
  3. The following are not defects and shall be excluded from the warranty: natural wood characteristics such as variations in grain, colour, mineral streaks, seasonal cracks and knots.
  4. This warranty is applicable for furniture including but not limited to upholstered furniture, solid wood furniture, coffee tables, beds, headboards, dining tables and chairs, and accent chairs.
  5. Lifetime service warranty equivalent to 15 years on any termite issues in solid wood or plywood furniture.
  6. Lifetime service warranty equivalent to 15 years on rust of SS baskets in case proper use of products as per guidelines.
  7. Notify within 10 days of detecting any defect via phone, WhatsApp & email.

On-site services:

  1. This warranty shall begin on “the commencement date” provided consumer reports about the defect[s] covered by warranty policy either by phone &email and providing purchase and personal details requested by ARCO Interio Interiors within 7 (seven) days after handover or the day client moves in, whichever is earlier.
  2. After settlement of any claim, the warranty period shall only be valid for the remaining period only.
  3. This warranty is governed by the clauses mentioned in ARCO Interio Interiors Quality Standards.
  4. Repair shall be provided only after inspection.
  5. ARCO Interio Interiors shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss or damages to the customer. The customer’s exclusive and sole remedy under this warranty policy shall be as mentioned here in this clause.
  6. ARCO Interio Interiors shall not be liable for providing alternative accommodation during any repair work. Customers need to make their own arrangements if required.
  7. The warranty policy shall not cover any defects arising out of factors out of control of ARCO Interio Interiors,
    including but not limited to:
  • Natural calamities like earthquakes, cyclones
  • Vandalism
  • Acts of God
  • Inappropriate use by the customer
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Surface with contaminants
  • Failure or defects in the structure or previous coating
  • Any other external factors
  1. Any claim made in terms of this warranty policy shall be made within 30 days of the consumer discovering any defect, damage, or failure which gives rise to a claim.
  2. ARCO Interio Interiors reserves the right to carry out inspections and to perform any tests and may do so either by itself or by means of any person nominated by it. Prior to such inspection or testing, the customer shall not be entitled to perform any repairs or remove or tamper with any part of the product/ service
  3. ARCO Interio Interiors shall use its best endeavours to ensure that the repair work is completed as soon as possible, but does not assume liability for delay.
  4. ARCO Interio Interior in its sole creation, is entitled to Control/monitor repair that needs to be carried out in accordance with all its specifications and instructions.
  5. ARCO Interio Interiors is liable to process and implement any legitimate repair request made by the customer within the warranty timeline in coordination with the respective brand.
  6. Any extra charges including work done over and above fixing the identified defect will be chargeable by ARCO Interio interior which shall be borne by the customer.
  7. There are no warranties expressed or implied under law, which extend beyond the terms set out in this warranty document.
  8. Neither party shall commence any court or arbitration proceedings related to the above warranty policy before completing the entire evaluation process. Under such circumstances, the warranty policy will be considered null and void as the issue would be sub judiciary
  9. In case of any disputes, the same is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Jammu and Kashmir
  10. The facts and all matters concerning any dispute shall be confidential at all times.
  11. The customer shall provide basic necessities such as electricity, stool/ladder, bucket, bathroom, drinking water, table fan in summer at the site.
  12. Any decision regarding repair (in part or whole) solely lies with the authorized representative followed by an inspection made by the representative.
  13. The cost of dismantling, reassembly & relocation of product, wherever required, will be borne by the customer.
  14. ARCO Interio’s warranty does not cover damages to products caused by any of the following:
    1. Wear and tear suffered through normal use (including scratches, dents and cuts) or damage caused by impacts or accidents
    2. Rusting of channels, hinges and other metallic parts. These could be damaged due to household chemicals and sprays and hence care to be taken while using such products around hardware and accessories
    3. Water leakage and seepage within the building structure and continuous dampness of the surface beyond:
      1. 72 hours for BWP grade plywood (IS710)/HDHMR
      2. 48 hours for BWP grade plywood (IS303)/HDHMR
      1. Degradation, discoloration, damage, fading etc., in colour grain, or texture of natural wood materials, laminates and other covering materials due to exposure to intensive or excessive light, sunlight, moisture or heat or other environmental factors
      2. Use of inappropriate chemicals, detergents, abrasives or other inappropriate cleaning agents that can damage the wooden surface of the products or rust accessories
      3. Mistreatment, negligent use, misuse, insufficient or improper care (including but not limited to exposure to harsh weather conditions)
      4. Alterations modifications or use of products which is beyond or inconsistent with supplied product instructions and/or not been authorized by ARCO Interio
      5. Damage or stains due to water leakage and/or seepage; or
      6. Damage caused by any force majeure event (such as flooding, hurricane, earthquake, lightning, etc.) environmental condition (such as air pollution, solvent exposure, mould, mildew etc.), or staining from foreign substances (such as dirt, grease, oils, sprays etc.,)